From SOS to Rural Outreach

As shipments started coming in, our team focused on setting systems in place in the cities we had planned to expand operations.

The transformational power of Fundraising

Fundraising is from the heart. Making a choice that lets us help and feel a little bit like we are in control during a time of chaos.

Deployment and widening of impact

Building the momentum for an initiative at scale takes navigating canceled/delayed shipments and constantly changing regulations.

The individual stories of support

The generous support of organizations propel us forward without a doubt. But it is the individual who goes that extra…

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that no one in India dies due to the lack of medical oxygen. In the short term, we are deploying 40,000 reusable oxygen cylinders and 20,000 oxygen concentrators in 20 urban and rural centers across India. Meanwhile, are working with partners to establish a stable, reliable oxygen supply system for India for the long term. OxygenForIndia is funded through donations in India through Tech4Health Foundation, a registered non-profit with 12a registration and 80G tax exemption; and globally CDDEP, a 501c3 organization registered in the United States. Donations received in India and the US are tax-exempt.

Know More

OxygenForIndia was founded on the 25th of April with the goal to avert deaths from the lack of oxygen in the country. Deploying reusable oxygen cylinders and concentrators across the country, OxygenForIndia has successfully provided medical oxygen to the major cities and several rural districts, saving innumerable lives.

Our journey is just beginning. OxygenForIndia is working toward establishing a national oxygen grid in the country, in order to prevent a crisis like this in the future.

Our mission is resolute. No one should die from the lack of medical oxygen.

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